We are still finalising the dates for a number of events scheduled to take place this year, but we can provide a broad outline of our programme for the year ahead. Watch your mailbox for more information on these and other forthcoming events.

– 15-16 March: First discussion forum of 2016, on the topic of innovation in light-based technologies. This forum was planned last year in collaboration with DST and the National Laser Centre, as part of celebrating the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. The presentations and discussions will include:

• Additive manufacturing (which involves laser technology)
• Photonics
• Solar energy

– April: Announcement of NSTF Award nominees
– Middle of May: Discussion forum on crop science and food security
– May: Announcement of NSTF Award finalists
– 30 June: NSTF Awards gala dinner
– First week of Sept: discussion forum on access to water and related issues (a follow-up forum is planned for early 2017)
– October school holiday: discussion forum on language issues in education