Professor Nicolas Johannes Beukes

Changing our understanding of the world one rock (succession) at a time

15 March 2018

Award for achievement over a lifetime, by an individual

“Iron formations were abundant up to two billion years ago, after which they virtually disappeared,” says Beukes. “Then a few were deposited 750 million years ago, and now there are no modern examples. They have gone again.” The question is why?

Prof Nicolas Johannes Beukes is an A1 NRF-rated scientist. He is considered a world leader in the study of iron and manganese ore deposits, two commodities that are vital to South Africa’s economy. His work has led to improved exploration, mining and processing of these ores. His research includes rethinking when oxygen existed on the earth and exploring the impact of shale gas. He is the director of the department of science and technology – National Research Foundation Centre of Excellence for Mineral and Energy Resource Analysis (Cimera), hosted in the department of geology at the University of Johannesburg. (Read more about him in the Mail & Guardian article. Mail & Guardian is an NSTF media partner.)