Learning more about teacher training: Talk by Ms Zorina Dharsey, Director of the Primary Science Programme

Ms Zorina Dharsey, Director of the Western Cape Primary Science Programme (PSP), presented a motivational talk to students at the University of the Western Cape on 14 October 2015.

The PSP, a nongovernmental organisation (NGO) that provides primary school teacher development, won the 2014/15 NSTF Award for achievement by an NGO through technology transfer or training activities.

Its work is underpinned by international research that shows competent teachers are the key to greater educational progress. The PSP focuses on science and maths but includes languages, social sciences and environmental education.

Ms Dharsey’s talk was aimed at motivating and inspiring young teachers; she told them they would face challenges in an imperfect school system.

Holding her NSTF trophy high, she encouraged the students to persevere. She also showed them some of her organisation’s  educational materials aimed at guiding and supporting new teachers.

In a practical activity, student volunteers were handed a battery, tiny bulb and two short electrical wires. Using these, they had to produce light. The three students who managed this first, each received a copy of her guide for new teachers. In this way, she encouraged the young teachers to inspire children with interest and passion for maths and science by incorporating interactive, practical hands-on methods in their teaching to make lessons exciting for children. Her main message to students standing at the beginning of their careers was to creatively bring the light of knowledge to their learners.

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