Science and Sustainable Tourism #ScienceTourism

3-4 August 2017

Science, engineering and technology (SET) cannot ignore tourism. Tourism can lead to increased SET awareness, influence funding, and it involves areas directly related to SET.

Tourism in SA? Travel and tourism contributed a total of $27bn to South Africa’s GDP in 2016. This is larger than that of the automotive manufacturing, agriculture, and chemical manufacturing sectors. It directly supported nearly twice as many jobs as the mining sector and more than five times as many jobs as the automotive manufacturing sector. (‘Benchmark Report 2017 – South Africa’, World Travel and Tourism Council)

Tourism and science? Sustainable tourism crosses over into many science-related fields, from the green economy and environmental protection to medical tourism.

How can you become involved? NSTF Discussion Forums gather stakeholders together across the public and private sectors, to put forward recommendations to influence Government policies. This discussion forum will consider issues such as:

  • How SA’s tourism industry can help and hinder environmental sustainability and how to best maintain a balance
  • Developing best practices for eco-tourism (where ecological and social responsibility is built into the enterprise)
  • Infrastructure and technologies needed for sustainable tourism
  • Incorporating tourism into SET. Examples include paleo-tourism to view fossils, archeological sites and rock paintings, and astro-tourism such as the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope (SKA)
  • Considering tourism as part of science conferences and conventions


Science and Sustainable Tourism

Four Presenters: Ms Morongoe Ramphele & Mr Bheki Langalibalele (Department of Tourism), Mr Bheki Hadebe (Department of Science and Technology) and Prof Melville Saayman (North-West University)


Track B: Science Tourism

Recommendations for Science Tourism promotion, knowledge transfer and research

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Track A: Environmental Sustainability

Recommendations for Responsible Tourism, i.e. Wildlife Management, involving communities and adaptation to climate change

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Opportunities for Astro-Tourism in the Northern and Western Cape

Mr Lorenzo Raynard, Head: Communications & Stakeholder Relations, SKA South Africa

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Overview of SA Tourism and how environmental sustainability and science tourism are promoted

Mr Sisa Ntshona, CEO: SA Tourism

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Track B: Astro-Tourism and rural route development

Ms Laeticia van Wyk-Jacobs, PhD Candidate, University of Pretoria

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Track B: Opportunities for Astro-Tourism

Dr Gordon, MacLeod, HartRAO

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Track A: The Agritourism SA initiative

Ms Jacqui Taylor, Agritourism Africa

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Track A: Community based tourism

Dr Daniella Sachs, Urban & Regional Planning, University of the Witwatersrand

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Track A: Issues of wildlife management in parks - Lessons from large carnivores

Dr Kelly Marnewick, Senior Trade Officer, The Endangered Wildlife Trust

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Climate change rates and their impact on the tourism sector

Dr Jennifer Fitchett, Lecturer: Physical Geography, School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies, University of the Witwatersrand

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Nature-based tourism and a framework for socio-economic research

Prof Melville Saayman, North-West University & Winner: NSTF-South32 Award for Sustainable Tourism for Development

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The Tourism Strategy: Responsible Tourism and environmental sustainability issues

Ms Morongoe Ramphele, Deputy Director-General and Mr Bheki Langalibalele, Department of Tourism

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