Pulses and Food Security Discussion Forum

2-3 June  2016

The NSTF is hosting this national Discussion Forum on Pulses and Food Security, in honour of the International Year of Pulses 2016 (IYP2016) as declared by the United Nations.

The NSTF will promote food security by drawing stakeholders together at this Discussion Forum. Linking this broad topic to science and technology means that agro-processing opportunities will be an important part of the discussion.


Keynote address: Issues of Food Security in SA & the role of FAO in the eradication thereof

Dr Tobias Takavarasha, Country Representative: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

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Trends in selected agricultural prices

Mr Christo Joubert Manager: Market and Economic Research Centre, NAMC

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What opportunities exist to grow markets for pulses and their products?

Mr Chris Kleingeld General Manager: Dry Bean Organisation

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Market opportunities and challenges re pulses

Mr Dean Miller Group Marketing Manager: AGT

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Research related to food security and crop sciences and drought resistant varieties

Dr Nthabiseng Motete Group Executive: Crop Sciences, ARC

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The role of IKS in enhancing innovation in food security

Ms Mammone Tang Deputy Director: Indigenous Knowledge-Based Technology, DST

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Policies regarding food security, research and crop science

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Issues of food security in South Africa and FAO’s role in eradication of food insecurity and malnutrition

Dr Tobias Takavarasha Country Representative: Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

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Agricultural Research Council - Biological Nitrogen Fixation in legumes

Dr IA Hassen Researcher : Plant Protection Research Institute, ARC

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Capacitating emerging farmers to play an effective role in the food production chain

Mr Wikus Snijman Researcher (ARC-GCI)

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Potential development of agro-processed products from indigenous/traditional pulses and vegetables in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Ashwell Ndlhala Researcher: ARC-VOPI

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Learning about valuable pulses from Indigenous Food Culture

Ms Truida Prekel Innovation Catalyst: SynNovation Solutions

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Plenary presentation: Current levels of agro-processing involving pulses in SA and promotion of Agroprocessing of pulses as an industry

Ms Unathi Speirs Head of Business Unit: Agroprocessing and Agriculture, IDC

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