NSTF Award for an outstanding contribution to science, engineering and technology (SET) to an individual or a team by advancing the availability, management and use of data for research

The NSTF under the guidance of a team of experts through the Network of Data and Information Curation Communities (NeDICC)  continues this category introduced two years ago, which  is meant to encompass the work of an individual or a team (including for example researchers/scientists, data scientists, data stewards) to be rewarded for the generation, preservation and sharing of a valuable scientific resource in the form of a data set/ or data collection process for a data set, that is of national interest or for the public good, and that is openly available to be re-used and / or re-packaged in products that are of public good and interest, or that could be integrated into products that contribute to the development of South Africa

Data for Research Award

The motivation is set out to obtain detailed responses in respect of either the primary use of the data set/collection or the application(s) as a secondary data resource.

  • The methodology as well as the data collection tools used for collecting the data is to be described.
  • The character of the data set/ data collection that has been curated and deposited in an open access repository is to be described and details provided of the web address of the repository where the data has been submitted: as well as the persistent (DOI / Handle) identifier of the data set:
  • Is the data set/collection in the national interest or public good? If yes provide details of to whom the data set is relevant and particulars of the market.
  • Describe how the data set has been curated eg does it meet SASQAF criteria and how is it available for re-use by others.
  • In what way could others make further use of the data set/collection?