The criteria for evaluation of nominees are clearly laid out in the relevant Nomination Forms, which should be completed after successfully registering a Notice of Intent to Nominate, online. The nomination forms can be viewed and downloaded here below, in order to see what information is required. The relevant nomination form will be made available in Word format, once an Intent to Nominate is registered. For information purposes, the following criteria broadly apply.

All categories

The following criteria broadly apply to assessing all categories of the awards:

Section 1: Background and  contribution to the advancement of science/technological innovation/new knowledge generated:

  • The inputs to this contribution
  • The research/development process


Section 2: Outputs –What has been done with this contribution :

  • The outputs
  • The practical application/implementation/impact and commercial or economic impact
  • Relevance to South Africa and its people and resultant contribution to science, engineering and technology (SET) policy
  • Publications
  • Promotion of public understanding of SET


Section 3: Students, Education and development of human capital, Sustainability and Recognition

  • Supervision of students and promotion of education in this field as a contribution to the public understanding of SET
  • Social and economic sustainability
  • National and international recognition

Examples of nomination forms

The criteria interpretation in relation to each of the awards is clarified in the examples of Nomination Forms below.

Awards for individuals for contributions to science, engineering and technology (SET)
(Contribution over a lifetime, TW Kambule-NSTF Awards: Researchers for research and its outputs, TW Kambule-NSTF Awards: Emerging Researchers for research and its outputs, Contribution through management and related SET activities)

Awards for Engineering Research Capacity Development

NSTF-GreenMatter Award towards achieving biodiversity conservation, environmental sustainability and a green economy

NSTF-Water Research Commission Award towards sustainable water management, knowledge generation and solutions

NSTF Award for advancing the availability, management and use of data for research

Awards for Innovations and their research and/or development  (Through a Corporate organisation or small, medium and micro enterprise (SMME), or independent innovation.)

Award for communication for outreach and creating awareness of SET and innovation

Award for a contribution to science, engineering and technology through an NGO including technology transfer and education/training activities 

Special Annual Theme award towards Sustainable Energy for All No additional form  required. See also section 12 on other nomination forms.

Once Registration of a nomination is done online, the relevant form will be made available in Word format to be filled in.

Additional Criteria

Certain additional criteria apply to specific awards categories. This can be viewed on the relevant award category pages.