Award for a contribution to Science, Engineering, Technology and/or Innovation through an NGO

The NSTF NGO Award is for any non-governmental organisation which has made an outstanding contribution to science, engineering and technology (SET) in South Africa. This includes any:

  • Non-profit company
  • Non-profit organisation
  • Public benefit organisation
  • Community-based organisation

As part of the NSTF Awards, there has always been a category for NGOs which recognises the significance of South African innovation. In 2015 the criteria were extended to include:

  • Technology transfer activities contributing to the dissemination and application of scientific and technical knowledge
  • Scientific and technical education and training

Award for a contribution to SET and Innovation through an NGO

over 5-10 years

This award is made to an NGO or a team or an individual working through an NGO registered in South Africa, which has made an outstanding contribution to SET and innovation in South Africa over 5-10 years. (NGOs include non-profit companies, non-profit organisations, community-based organisations, public benefit organisations, and other organs of civil society.)

Professional bodies as entities are not considered in this category. However nominations of specific projects undertaken under the auspices of professional bodies can be nominated and will be considered.

There are no additional criteria. However, in the interpretation of the criteria as set out above, the adjudicators will examine the contribution against the purpose of the awards and the definitions (of science, engineering, technology and innovation) and will take into account the impact of the NGO’s work.