NSTF-GreenMatter Award for an outstanding contribution to SET and innovation in SA towards achieving biodiversity conservation, environmental sustainability and a greener economy

NSTF-GreenMatter Award to either an individual, a team or an organisation for an outstanding contribution to science, engineering, technology and innovation in SA towards achieving environmental sustainability and the green economy over the past five to ten years

In 2015, the NSTF and GreenMatter forged a new partnership to launch the NSTF-GreenMatter Award.

GreenMatter is a programme of the Tony and Lisette Lewis Foundation. It consists of a network of partners who implement the 20-year Biodiversity Human Capital Development Strategy. This is co-led by SANBI (the South African National Biodiversity Institute).

The NSTF-GreenMatter Award recognises researchers and organisations working towards achieving biodiversity conservation, environmental sustainability and a green economy.