Bursary for: SASCP Bursary


15th March 2020

The South African Society of Crop Production annually awards bursaries to deserving undergraduate and postgraduate students. of March annually.

For Studies In
  • Agronomy
  • Crop Science



Post Graduate


National Diploma

How To Apply

Application forms are completed online on the SASCP website and the following supporting documents should be posted or forwarded electronically to admin@sascp.org.za or lisas@elsenburg.com:

Bursary Provider Website


Other Information

Applicant must be a South African citizen or South African permanent resident

Must be study full-time for a degree in the broad area of Crop Production at a South African University.

Applicant must submit the following documents to the provided email:

  • Academic record of the previous year of study at the tertiary institution
  • Proof of registration for the current academic year
  • Motivation letter
  • Reference letter from study leader/ Dean of the Faculty


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