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Bursary for: Johannesburg Water (SOC) Ltd Bursary - 20.01.2017

Johannesburg Water (SOC) Ltd is a municipal entity owned by the City of Johannesburg. Its core purpose is to provide water and sanitation services to approximately 5.3 million people. Johannesburg Water is offering bursaries for undergraduate academic studies for the National Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in the Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering disciplines. Students interested in joining the exciting world of municipal service delivery are encouraged to apply.

Bursary for: NRF: iThemba LABS Bursary - 17.11.2016

National Research Foundation The National Research Foundation (NRF) supports and promotes research and human capital development through funding, the provision of National Research Facilities and science outreach platforms and programmes to the broader community in all fields of science and technology, including natural science, engineering, social science and humanities. iThemba Laboratory for accelerator based sciences is a group of multidisciplinary research laboratories administered by the NRF. Based at two sites in the Western Cape and Gauteng, these facilities provide for: Basic and applied research using particle beams, Particle radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer. The supply of accelerator-produced radionuclides for medical and industrial applications.

Bursary for: Council for Geoscience Bursary - 24.10.2016

The Council for Geoscience (CGS) invites university students and Grade 12 learners to apply for the CGS full-time bursary for the 2017 academic year. The objective of the CGS bursary is to create, enhance and support expertise in the Geosciences and related technical fields.

Bursary for: Armaments Corporation of South Africa SOC Ltd (ARMSCOR) Bursary - 19.09.2016

Armscor, the Armaments Corporation of South Africa, in partnership with the defence industry, is offering bursaries to exceptional learners through the Armscor Bursary Scheme. The aim of the scheme is to address the critical science and engineering skills of the defence industry, by focusing on promoting and improving results in Maths, Science and technical subjects at schools. The bursaries will be awarded to learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds who intend to study full time in the engineering and science fields of study.

Bursary for: South African Association for Food Science & Technology (SAAFoST) Bursary - 09.09.2016

SAAFoST is the Association for Food Scientists, Technologists and other Professionals serving the food and allied industries in South Africa. The organisation provides its members with valuable networking and knowledge-sharing events and publications. SAAFoST promotes education and professionalism as well as an appropriate legislative structure in the industry.

Bursary for: Department of Water & Sanitation Bursary South Africa 2016 – 2017

The following expenses will be covered by the bursary award: registration, tuition, prescribed book allowance, accommodation, meals and an annual personal allowance.

Bursary for: BHP Billiton Bursary Scheme

Conditions of Bursary: Service binding contract after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursary.
Selection Process
Interviews: October / November
Bursary Inclusions:
University tuition fees,
Registration fees,
Exam fees,
University accommodation,
Residence meals,
Book and pocket money, and
Computer purchase allowance (2nd year)

Bursary for: Sasol Bursary Scheme

Bursary Inclusion:
100% of the prescribed university tuition fees, registration fees and exam fees.
An amount equal to the average rate for accommodation in a single room at a university hostel at the university at which the Sasol bursar is studying. This rate is determined by sasol in conjunction with the university.
An amount for meals based on three meals per day, as determined by the university.
An amount of approximately R10 000,00 per annum, towards book and pocket money.

Bursary for: De Beers Bursaries

The very first diamond found in South Africa was in 1866. The De Beers Company has been around the world since 1888. De Beers mines and develops diamonds and have more than 120 years of experience in this field. They are the world’s biggest diamond reserve and also have the world’s largest diamond resources. They give life to diamonds and make the world sparkle.

Their expertise is superior and they have the most sufficient diamond processing technology available today. They are the experts in their field and have centuries of skill backing them. They aim to improve economic progress and supportable development. They believe strongly in protecting the ecosystem and plan their mines thoroughly. They promote the use of citizens in all levels of the company and are proud to provide you with bursary programs in order to achieve these goals.

If you love diamonds, the mining and processing of this rare commodity you will be an ideal candidate. They roughly employ 23,000 people throughout their operations and have companies in Botswana, Canada, Namibia and South Africa. They are also proud partners of BBE and strive for equality in all fields of operations. They also promote justifiable working to ensure progressive advancement in Africa.