The National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) is a broad stakeholder body that represents over 100 organisational members in 7 distinct sectors. The diagram shows the sectors (excluding government) and the approximate member proportion per sector.

The Government sector is represented by the Department of Science and Technology (DST). However, NSTF engages with all government departments responsible for policies that relate to aspects of science, engineering, technology and innovation.

Each member organisation is represented at the annual general meeting (AGM) of the NSTF, by official representatives appointed by the organisations themselves. The seven sectors elect representatives to the Executive Committee, which meets about seven times a year. Members of the Executive Committee are not remunerated for their services.

  • Science Councils & Statutory bodies (12%)
  • proSET (Professional Bodies) (38%)
  • Business/SOEs (18%)
  • Higher Education (14%)
  • Civil Society (22%)

The Executive Committee/Board has an oversight role and takes fiduciary responsibility for the non-profit company. The Executive Director serves on the Exco/Board, and directs all activities of the NSTF and secretariat/office. The Exco has sub-committees, including the Science Councils committee, and the proSET committee, chaired by members of the Exco.

At the senior management level, the NSTF has two people, the Executive Director and Office Manager (who serves as Financial manager as well).

At the deputy management level, NSTF has five staff members and one volunteer/intern:

  • Human Relations & Financial Officer
  • Committee Secretary & Stakeholder Relations
  • Media, Communications & Marketing Officer
  • Outreach & Communications Officers (responsible for the Share ‘n Dare, and Brilliants programm
  • Database Officer (Bursary Directory, contact and web databases) – This staff position is filled by a volunteer/interns from the National Youth Service programme managed by the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA), a division of the National Research Foundation (NRF).

SETI System responsive to the needs of the nation. Socio-economic growth of SA.


Promote SETI, influence SETI public policy in the national interest.

Influence & Monitor SETI policy


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  • Media Releases
  • Full Proceedings
  • Recommendations
Recognise Excellence


  • Awards


  • Awards Finalists identified & celebrated
  • Awards Winner identified & celebrated
  • Award publications & publicity
Youth Outreach


  • Youth Outreach


  • Share ‘n Dare Programme
  • Brilliants Programme
  • Science bursaries database
Corporate Governance

There are six directors on the Board of Directors of the Non Profit Company. The Directors and the other members of the Executive Committee, are the following

Prof Ali Dhansay

NSTF Chairman and Company Director

Mr Nirdesh Singh

NSTF Vice-Chair and sector representative of the Science Councils & Statutory Bodies sector

Ms Jansie Niehaus

NSTF Executive Director and Company Director

Mr Denis Hunt

Business Sector Representative and Company Director

Prof Lesley Cornish

Higher Education Sector Representative

Mr David Kramer

Company Director

Mr Barry MacColl

State-owned Enterprises Representative

Mr Dawie Botha

proSET (Professional Bodies Sector) Representative

Ms Rabaone Gaven

State Corporations and Utilities: Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA Ltd.

Mr Reinhard Meyer

proSET (Professional Bodies Sector) Representative

Prof Brenda Wingfield

Immediate Past Chairman and Company Director

Dr Philemon Mjwara

Government Sector: Department of Science and Technology (Director-General)

Dr Ntsane Moleleke

Government Sector: National Advisory Council on Innovation

Mr Mathala Mokwele

Government Sector: Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Ms Wilna Eksteen

Office Manager and Secretariat

Dr Mpho Lekgoathi

State Corporations and Utilities: Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA Ltd

Dr Sibusiso Manzini

Civil Society Sector: GreenMatter

Prof Marissa Rollnick

Civil Society Sector: Marang Centre for Mathematics and Science Education