The National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) is a broadly representative umbrella stakeholder body for organisations with an interest in science, engineering, technology (SET) and innovation.

The NSTF is the largest, most longstanding and most representative stakeholder body of its kind. It represents more than 100 organisations, councils and institutions. It spans both the private and public sectors.

The NSTF consists of a formidable gathering of expertise and experience. The individual representatives of member organisations include:

  • Researchers and scientists (in various disciplines)
  • Engineers (in all Branches of Engineering)
  • Entrepreneurs and business people
  • Technologists and technicians
  • Administrators
  • Academics and teachers

Membership sectors

Members participate under the following sectors:

  • Science councils and statutory bodies
  • Small, medium and large business, including business associations
  • State-owned enterprises
  • Civil society and labour
  • Higher education
  • Government sector
  • Professional bodies and learned societies – represented by the NSTF’s proSET (Professionals in Science, Engineering and Technology).

Legal status

The NSTF is a registered non-profit company (registration number 2007/029165/08). It is also registered as a non-profit organisation (registration number 92042) with the Department of Social Development, in compliance with the Non-Profit Organisation Act, No. 71 of 1997.
All donations received are exempt from donor tax.